A Few of the Best...

A Few of the Best...
JJ Grey, Lindsey Buckingham, Eddie Vedder, Richard Thompson

Friday, June 12, 2009

William Topley! Playing in Jim Thorpe PA - yay!!!!

William Topley! Playing in Jim Thorpe July 18

This wonderful Brit sounds like he grew up on the bayou along the Mississippi. How do the Brits do that???? Anyway, he's wonderful. I never would have discovered him, if it weren't for volunteering at WXPN a few years ago. Volunteers are allowed to look over sample and demo CD's to take home, as a 'thank you' for their efforts on a fund raising shift. I plucked out a CD entitled 'Feasting With Panthers'. Whoa! Outstanding...the whole thing.

So I got interested and started looking him up. This guy deserves WAY more attention. Check out his website for some of the music (plays right off the bat).

If anyone's going to Jim Thorpe for this, say 'hey'. This should be a great concert and I'm thrilled to see him around here.

More later!

Free Fallin' Kristin

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